Graham Bruce

Graham is the founder of the Ainigma Group. He is a highly experienced financier and consultant who has been involved in the financial services industry for over 30 years.  In addition, Graham has been involved in investing in the leisure and technology industry for nearly 10 years working on projects both on a consulting basis as well as a principle in transactions.  During his time in Finance, Graham worked on the development and deployment of large scale technology infrastructure projects with partners such as Oracle, Murex and Front Arena, and gained a detailed knowledge of the technology needed to provide high speed processing systems and three dimensional data warehouses. Graham’s experience in both structuring of financing for corporate groups as well as his experience in turnaround management give him a unique perspective on the issues faced by businesses and the solutions available to make them successful. 

Raquel Sheldon
Raquel is a highly experienced financier having worked in Finance on a global basis for over 20 years.  Raquel’s background includes investment banking, structured finance and  mergers and acquisitions, as well as managing multi-billion dollar investment portfolios, which will provide a firm basis on which to grow the business.  As one of the founders of the Ainigma Group, Raquel is already involved in a number of investment projects worldwide, and knows the sector well.  Raquel is a native Spanish speaker.

Craig Scott

Craig is a seasoned executive and Board Director with over 17 years experience in successfully managing businesses in the fast moving consumer goods sector across the world. Craig is a specialist advisor and investor in a number of start-up companies. Craig’s skills sets are unique in having a very detailed and operational understanding of every aspect of the retail management eco-system. Craig is also an operating partner with a leading private equity firm, and has worked on transactions across a wide range of products including big data, consumer products and leisure.