Ainigma is an investment group specialising in the consumer services sector including FinTech, Big Data, and leisure industries.  It seeks investments in innovative companies that are deploying cutting edge technologies and exploiting exponential business models.  Currently, Ainigma has a focus on opportunities in Latin America, although it also has investments in other regions including Europe.  The principals in the business also have investments in a number of venture capital opportunities, primarily in the technology sector.

Ainigma Holdings Ltd. is focussed on investing in and developing cloud based software for the fast moving consumer goods market, and has developed, through its subsidiaries, a state of the art proprietary point of sale and BI platform for deployment and sale.

Ainigma differentiates itself and the NEX platform by using the latest in server less computing technology and auto-scaleable infrastructure, leading to efficient systems capable of processing in excess of 2000 transactions per second.  The NEX platform also provides a customised and proprietary data warehouse with in-house developed Business Information system to allow companies to monitor in real time sales performance and to use AI to enhance sales.