Zaffo is the UK leader in the provision of lottery services to the charity sector.  Zaffo has developed a proprietary technology platform that provides bespoke lottery products on a cost efficient basis.

Using the latest technology from AWS including Lambda micro server and server less database technology (AWS Aurora), Ainigma has created a unique solution in the lottery space.

Ainigma has developed a new lottery technology platform through a combination of partnership and development.  In conjunction with NexLot, it has created the next generation of state of the art platform incorporating cloud based delivery, big data management, digital delivery solutions, retail deployment solutions (both web/app and traditional terminal) and new lottery interactive products to attract a new generation of players.  This service is offered on a B2B basis as well as being used in its own operations. NexLot has recently integrated its platform into a number of third party retail platforms allowing direct integration within a short period of time.

Ainigma Group partners with a number of lottery system providers including Capen (Zaffo), NBox as well as using proprietary technology.  

Millersoft is one of the UK market leaders in the analysis and development of Big Data technologies.  In this context, NexLot has worked with Millersoft to develop a proprietary business information platform for use in the lottery market.